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Env, my new blog

It’s work toward a successor to Iff. It’s still an early beta; I’m not even sure I like its address. Comments welcome.

“The New York Times” is doing badly

“Internet purists may maintain that the Web will throw up a new pro-am class of citizen journalists to fill the void, but for now, at least, there’s no online substitute for institutions that can marshal years of well-developed sourcing and reporting experience—not to mention the resources to, say, send journalists leapfrogging between Mumbai and Islamabad to decode the complexities of the India-Pakistan conflict.”

Sir Terry
the flyby anomaly
“Mom goes to Whole Foods”
“The Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia”
Sasha Frere-Jones’s non-work site
not a cult, no sir
student movements in the color revolutions
Thomas Dolby reminisces about Shane MacGowan at school
a Richard Marsland memorial page
Arkell v. Pressdram
identifying stars in astrophotography

It’s not particularly impressive to match arbitrary images against the fixed stars. It is impressive to do it with so much tolerance for blur and clutter, and to make it so friendly.

a forgivable failure to timeline cool
_why on making things
the orbit of the moon around the sun is convex
truth to tyranny
the 500-mile e-mail
Sasha Frere-Jones on Portishead’s “Third”
friendly custom laser-cutting

Welcome to the future, where matter compilers cut sheets of invented molecules with beams of light for the cost of a meal.

C.J. Cherryh’s Latin primer
some samples of “Fred Basset”
Les Horribles Cernettes on YouTube
Operation Cat Drop
“A Note on Childeric’s Bees”
the controversial part of Paddy Ashdown’s testimony at the Milošević trial
an interview with E.O. Wilson
Robert Graves’s warning to children
Sappho’s warning to uneducated women
stalls and spins
a polemic against metadata utopianism
Lego ads
nature makes you smart
The Maldives is saving up for a new country
tea grown near Burlington
a glossary of Japanese onomatopoeia
links to John Boyd’s works

A pleasant little OS X graphics and interactivity environment for Python. Reminiscent of Logo, Postscript, and (dare I say?) HyperCard.

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