About Iff

I’m Charlie “Vruba” Loyd. Iff is my bookmarker and list of novelty. I like typography and graphic design, GIS, cartography, photography, optics, meteorology, cosmology, classics, education, economics, food, biology and ecology, jurisprudence, philosophy, history, fiction, the third culture, prose, ephemera, Cascadia, unusual programming languages, et cetera. (“Genres exist so morons don’t forget what they like to read” – David Miller.)

I think of Iff as a single lengthening list, not an archived now. News goes in only if it will stay news. Iff is for remembering, and it prefers analysis to notification, entertainment over jokes, and knowledge above facts. I aim for friendly simplicity, durability, and humanity. That’s a strange enough standard that Iff must be useful at least as an example of what happens when you go too far. Whee!


Add “?fresh” to the URI to see only the posts since you last visited (if cookies work). Add “?n=40” to the URI to see only the last 40 items, et cetera. Leave your cursor – or equivalently focus – on a main link to see its UTC timestamp (in W3C DTF: a moment ago, it was 2019-06-20T23:33:02Z). Adopt a browser with tabs for the finest of surfing experiences. Like your clients thin? Try RSS!


E-mail me questions and suggestions of all sorts, even or especially about the innards. Iff is in PHP (meh); once it used only flat files (huh) but now it’s on a PostgreSQL db (yay). Feel free to lift parts of it for your own projects (with credit for substantial use, please). Cinnabar, Noam’s excellent linkfeed, is an all-grown-up child of this codebase.


I don’t think you have any special obligation to remark (for instance on your own web-log) that it was Iff that sent you somewhere interesting. The things I link to were already there, and I’m pointing them out in public. It worries me that people worry about this. Be reasonably polite – don’t rip me off – and I’ll be happy. Share and enjoy!