Someone who loves you very much has sent you here to learn the highlighted homophones. You might have to scroll down to see them. To call in a spelling strike with this page, dial something like,who’s. Naming any of the homophones will highlight its whole group, and you can highlight as many groups as you please. Please suggest more homophones. Happy pedantry.

accept: take (verb).
I will accept the call. Please accept my shoe.
except: other than (preposition).
Everyone except him. I like it except the love scene.
affect: alter (verb).
This affects the weather. You affect me.
effect: alteration (noun).
It’s all special effects. You have an effect on me.
discreet: unrevealing; keeping a secret (adjective).
I’d be in the slammer now if those nuns weren’t so discreet.
discrete: separate; non-continuous (adjective).
I’m learning discrete math. On and off are discrete states.
hole: a gap; a pit (noun).
I need it like another hole in my head. Dig a hole.
holly: the spiny shrub Ilex aquifolium; a name (noun).
Deck the halls with boughs of holly. How very Holly Golightly.
holy: sacred (adjective).
Holy cow! Is this the holy emerald eye of the swamp god?
whole and wholly: complete; in one piece (adjective and adverb).
I’m sick of the whole album. This is wholly unnecessary.
it’s: it is (contraction).
It’s hot in here. It’s a long way to Brazil.
its: of it (possessive).
I like its scales. Are you its organizer?
than: compared to (comparative).
It’s sunnier than yesterday. You’re smarter than that.
then: later; next; because of (conjunction).
I ate lunch, then napped. If you do that, then I’ll kill you.
they’re: they are (contraction).
They’re leaving. They’re nice people.
their: of them (possessive).
Carry their bags. Their cat is hairy.
there: that place (noun).
Put them there. I’m going there tomorrow.
to: toward; with the intention of (preposition).
I’m going to eat. I’m going to Camp.
too: as well; overly (adverb).
I want a pony, too. It’s not too expensive.
two: 2 (number).
I’d like two ponies. There are two reasons.
wanton: unprovoked; carefree; promiscuous (adjective).
Your lap dances are insufficiently wanton.
wonton: a kind of Chinese dumpling (noun; from 餛飩).
More sesame sauce for my wontons, please!
weather: wind, rain, et cetera (noun); survive (verb).
The weather was terrible. We weathered the storm.
whether: if (conjunction).
I’m going whether or not they do.
who’s: who is (contraction).
Who’s on first? Who’s that?
whose: of whom (possessive).
Whose bike is that? You know whose cat did it?
you’re: you are (contraction).
You’re right. If you’re there, answer.
your: of you (possessive).
I like your shoes. Your aunt is calling.